The Team



Steve is definitely the natural leader of the group, sometimes even using ‘morales’ to guide The Team in the right direction in times of impending disaster.

Steve was in fact the original member of Team Romford & built the group up around him from the friends he had accumulated while working and eventually managing the fabled Games Workshop in Romford.

No one remembers Steve without a beard and this has in turn, led to rumors that he may have been born with the beard that earned him the title “Beard-O”. Also a significant factor in Steve’s life is his sandwiches, never has one man cared so much for sandwiches. Beware: talking sandwiches with Steve may induce a long drawn out conversation. Approach with care!

Steve finally took his leave from GW and became a Freelance Model Maker for which he had completed a BTEC for some years before, later going on to being a Technician on the same course he once studied for and now, more recently works with Lamby making models in London.


Alan, or ‘Lamby’ as he is affectionately know first met Rich during high school, where the pair developed a love of The Metal music and soon become fast compadres.

Alan had a passion for fine-scale miniatures like the rest of the team, this led him to become a regular, along with Rich at the local GW where the Team would eventually be born.

Since leaving high school Alan has earned him self a Degree in Model Making, which has used building architectural models for various architects in London. His true passion however lies in the creative model making, such as set pieces & props for use in TV & film, this however is proving an elusive dream to follow.

Thanks to the late 2000’s economic douche-baggery, Lamby spent some time working as a paintball marshal., which gave him ample opportunity to revel in his passion of shooting morons.

He is now back working as a Model Maker in London town.


Born in Romford on the 17th May 1986 (the Year of Metal he informs us…). Grant was constantly exposed to Rock music from an early age by his father who loved Sabbath, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, this would play a big part in his life eventually leading him to learn how to sing and play guitar.

Grant was introduced to Team Romford by Chris White, whom he met in the fabled halls of GW Romford & went on to become good friends with all the members. Especially Rich, who he would later go on to form the Rock Band Octane with. When this project fizzled out Grant would go on to do other projects that eventually led to the joining of 9 Days Down. Rich stayed involved with the artistic direction of the projects

Since the disbandment of 9DD Grant has kept very busy with his new band GraVil & has moved into Chelmsford with his Missus, Vix.


Chris, a Sparky by trade is best known for his fanatical love for Fighting, Slayer & the Blood God “Khorne”. Often he would bring the team together to watch UFC, WWE and Boxing Matches… coupled with copious amounts of Pizza (Chris always opting for his trademark Ham & Pineapple)

Chris met the TR lads by going clubbing and attending his local GW where he would end up working Part-time. Chris took the hobby to new a level, concentrating mostly on the gaming & tactical side of it. Chris took part in many a GW National Tournament alongside his Khorne Demon’s as well taking back many an award for his efforts.

Chris is now happily married, with growing brood of kids & a house in Hornchurch.

It is often thought that if ever the Team is in peril all they need so is hum the opening riff to “Slayer – Rain in Blood” and Chris will appear in a whirlwind to thwart thine enemies with the power of Khorne!


Rich met the various TR members while going to his local GW, the hallowed Games Workshop Romford, in which he’d eventually end up serving a 3 year tour of duty; followed by another 2 years in the Brent Cross store (where he was  reunited with the recently returned Tommy The Nose) while studying for his degree.

Rich attended Drum Tech in North Acton for a semester, however, this musical path was not to be due to issues with his back. These were rectified in 2009 with spinal correction surgery; or, as the surgeon delightfully called it ‘car crash surgery’.

After a long time away from the world of academia, Rich returned and completed a BA Hons. in Graphic Design, as such Rich is the go-to guy for Team graphics and design, much like this very site.

Having spent some time as a teacher of Art & Design, Rich now works on ‘CoolThingsTM’ for Games Workshop within the Forge World design studio.


Marc was inducted relatively late to TR, he was brought in when he was transferred from the Oxford Street GW to the Romford branch. Marc got his nickname “JC” due to the fact that when he was first moved to Romford he had perfect flowing locks like Jesus Christ or indeed… Bon Jovi.

JC is a great friend to all the team and can be relied on at times of need and support. JC’s first & foremost love in life are animals, doing an Open University Veterinary course and working Part-time as a Veterinary Nurse.

Indeed never has the phrase “taking your work home with you” been truer than this case. JC has 9 cats in his household all rescued from work and their mistreating owners.

The second love of his life comes in the form of Eddie Vedder & the Pearl Jam lads. Often in the Ruskin Arms have the Team been left JC’less as he darts towards the dance floor for a classic PJ tune.

A big part of his life is going out and enjoying the London clubbing scene with buddies. This has recently been augmented with a new found love for Photography, which is sucking up most of JC’s spare time as of late.

‘Redneck’ Dave

Dave was initiated into Team Romford due to his many years of friendship to Steve, with whom he had spent many a collective day drinking & partying on the one mighty Romford Alternative scene.

Davey picked up a taste for the GW hobby and soon became a regular fixture if the store, thus befriending the other members of the fledgling Team.

Dave, can drink, no really. The addition of our resident Redneck to a Team outing + booze = awesome. A better drinking buddy, there is none.

There have been recent rumblings of the Redneck returning to town in the future, more on this as it happens.


Ugmo is Rich’s younger brother & studied at Havering 6th from Collage where he became good friends with Grant. Ugmo (aka: Anthony Dansie) has always had a passion for American wrestling & this would inevitably lead him to start the long, hard road of wrestling training.

Ugmo rose relatively quickly in the London Wrestling industry and started to move higher up the card in his Wrestling Federation when he showed excellent skill and knowledge in training. He has also been on the LDN show thats broadcast on TWC (a Wrestling cable channel) and even appeared on the opening credits for the show. Albeit, a victim of a very painful looking Powerbomb.

Ugmo has since moved out of the LDN Federation to greener pastures where his amateur Wrestling skills are put to good use with his crowd favourite Tag-Team of the ‘Motley Two’.

After a brief stint in the Met Ugmo moved to Norwich and the ring action of WAW, he now manages the Bellatrix all female promotion for them.

Comic books also play a big part in Ugmos life and can often be seen arguing DC’s case to the Marvel enthusiasts of the group.



Gav hails from the valleys of Wales (Boyo) and first made contact with the Team when Steve was the manager of the illustrious GW Romford, the two became good buddies with the classic mix of gaming, beers and barbeque’s.

Gav was a natural fit in the Team dynamic, having a good love of gaming, up for anything , including an inpromtu ‘Rock Band’ session & the natural ability to BBQ anything,

The stuff of Legends.

Gav, is a Teacher by trade (I’m sure the liberal use of his natural stature and welshness aids in the control of 30 kids), along with his missus, Tina and sprogs Carys & Owain.

Gav is a Rugby man, playing on a team and even getting Stevie to join. This might explain his unnatural love of Blood Bowl… Blitz!


‘Don’ George

The ‘Don’ George was inducted into TR after becoming a regular at the local GW, where the majority of the Team worked, those that did not frequented it often so the ‘Don’ was soon known to all.

He was drawn by the tactical nature of the game, and was often to be seen in full ‘General’ mode on the side lines when he wasent regailing us with tales from his youth.

George came on all GW outings like the successful yet ill fated ‘Civil War’ event that was run at Warhammer World, proudly wearing the TR colours observing & sharing a cold one with the boys in the bar post battle.

In the post-GW era George can be found supporting the boys in their various endevours and hosting Team BBQ’s

George commands an aura of respect from all the Team and is truley our General.

Tommy ‘The Nose’

Tommy was the manager of the fabled GW Romford before even Steve and laid the  Team groundwork before setting of for the colonies at the behest of ‘The Company’ to manage a store in Austin, Texas. (Ye Haw!)

His return years later (“Hello Tom fans!”) was heralded by the rest of the team as Tommy ‘The Nose’ slotted right back in to the Team groove. Now a father as well as a husband, Tommy can be seen at Team BBQ’s and all good Blood Bowl events.

AKA: Tommy The Nose, Texas Tom, Super-Tom.